Your Path To Recapture Customers and Rebuild Sales Now

You’re a senior marketer with a solid track record at a healthy small mid-market company. In 2019 you had strong strategies in place to keep growing, your team was working well together and things were good.

2020 has shattered what we know. Since February 2020, tens of thousands of businesses have closed permanently. 

Like thousands more, has your company’s growth flattened, too? Have customers you counted on delayed purchasing or left your brand altogether? Have you realized that the data you relied on to guide product development and marketing decisions is unreliable today?

Your solid track record may feel as if it’s from another time.

And it is.

Yes, we’re all painfully aware that the beginning of this decade has been “unprecedented”: pandemic, economic plunge, social upheaval. Acknowledging that these times are unprecedented doesn’t offer clear direction for action.

Let’s be more specific: to stay in business, you need to generate higher sales from the product line-up you have and the marketing budget that’s available.

I’m Linda Williams. My decades of experience across diverse companies from start-ups to blue chip Fortune 100 have given me an uncommon skillset for today’s uncharted challenges.

What worked in 2019 won’t reignite growth in the unstable environment today. Successful companies will fuse their brand and their products to the deep needs of their customers.

Guaranteed, customers’ needs today are different from what they were just 1-2 years ago. And companies encounter problems when managers are sure they know what is important.

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“Linda has a strong, strategic approach leading to highly actionable outcomes for her clients. I highly recommend Linda Williams as your strategic partner to successfully drive strategic brand growth and achieve both short and long term objectives.”
CM, VP Strategic Advisors
“Linda quickly understood what we were trying to do and formulate and how to describe it. I most appreciated her flexibility, ability to adapt and adjust to specific projects/styles. She rolled with a changing environment. Her approach was very supportive.
CM. Principal Program Manager


To illustrate, a few years ago a national specialty hospital was struggling to reach new patients in its region.  The hospital was recognized world-wide as a leader in its specialty.  Management “knew” that patients were drawn to this heritage and their marketing reflected that belief.

Wrong. Research showed that patients and families didn’t care about those decades of experience or the innovative research.  They cared about control over their condition and gaining freedom in their lives.

The marketing team used this new understanding to overhaul their messaging. More importantly, teams re-examined how they could better design services to deliver the hospital’s core mission.  New patient volume from the local region grew 69% over the following three years.

Bottom line: you know that product innovations or marketing actions that drove sales growth in 2019 aren’t enough to succeed in 2021. 

The Good News?

You can take intelligent coordinated action now even though it may be too early to draft new strategic plans to get back on track.

“[Linda] helped to translate what I was visioning into what was practical for a company of this size. She has good insight and good experience,.”
AC, VP Marketing
HaloSource, Inc.

The Customer Recovery Blueprint is a consulting program that can be completed in as little as 6 weeks. The Blueprint is designed to re-connect you with your core customers through the highest impact actions to take now to ignite growth. 

The Customer Recovery Blueprint quickly identifies the key shifts in your customers that you can address through soft product or service modifications and marketing communications. This allows you to regain customers with relatively little difficulty or time. And new customers mean new revenue.  

With this program you will:

  • Know the highest impact actions to re-engage your core customers so that you can restart sales without increasing your marketing spend.
  • Gain focused, up-to-date data to guide marketing, brand and product decisions that will reinforce your customer relationships for the long term so you sustain sales.
  • Align your team on your new focus and next steps so they can take effective action, together.

Together we create your Customer Recovery Blueprint in three comprehensive steps. First, we map the landscape; next, complete a laser-focused customer refresh; and third, we convert insight to actionable opportunities.

Step 1: Map the landscape

In this first phase, we establish your strengths and resources and identify any critical gaps. Often, you will identify opportunities for improving customer attraction in this phase alone. 

  • We map your current brand strengths and customer knowledge through a questionnaire that your team completes, 1:1 interviews with key staff and review of marketing collateral. 
  • A virtual worksession with your team fills any gaps and focuses the opportunities to explore with customers in Step 2.

Step 2: Customer refresh

This stage is a rapid dive into the data most critical to identify your customers’ current functional, emotional and values-driven needs and desires. Following your work in Step 1 and 1:1 depth interviews with customers in Step 2, you will know how to: 

  • Fine-tune your marketing communications
  • Align your brand promise more closely with your customer’s priorities, and
  • Adjust your offer to fit your customer’s needs today.

Step 3: Insights to opportunity

This final stage distills the data from Steps 1 and 2 to co-create the highest-impact actions with your team. Included:

  • A virtual team worksession to review the new information and recommendations, explore implications and set action steps.
  • Two follow-up strategy calls: first, to discuss your progress and adjust your actions as needed, and second, discuss how to engage your staff in monitoring your environment and continuing to fine-tune.
  • Now re-engage your changing customers to restart growth. 

With The Customer Recovery Blueprint, you will have a concrete action plan that will help you generate higher sales from your existing product line and marketing budget.

The results? Confidence that your business can sustain the sales you need to thrive beyond today’s challenges.

If you’re ready for this and these are the results you want, book your customer recovery call to see if the Customer Recovery Blueprint is right for your business. 

Just drop me a line by clicking on the button below and I’ll be in touch!

“I have had the pleasure of working with Linda Williams on various branding projects. She is able to get up-to-speed on a new type of business faster than anyone that I have ever known. The end result of each of these projects exceeded my expectations.”
LB, principal
“Linda’s impact has been deep and well-spread. Linda provided good community-building activities, helped to address difficult decision-making moments, and helped ease the issue of ambiguity. Linda’s upbeat personality and natural sense of fun have made it a joy to work with her;”
NL, Regional Coordinator
Families for Kids Partnership