Conquer barriers to growth for your small to mid-size company

You know your company can grow.  But @! #$, growth isn’t as easy as it was when you first started out. The tools and tactics that brought you here aren’t triggering sales now. Yet you want to take your business to a new level – one that flares with energy, is more profitable – and more personally satisfying to you.

Welcome to Cogentis, where I help companies unleash innovation and create sustainable growth.

I’m Linda Williams, founder of Cogentis.  I believe that businesses with fewer than 250 employees have a competitive edge over big companies in agility and innovation – keys to thriving business today.  But these leaders must step outside the box of “best practices” developed by the bigger guys to align their own teams, connect with their customers and unleash innovation the way they do best. 

We’re a match if you want to…

The target?  Sustainable growth.

How I can help you grow revenue and sustain momentum

  • Discover what drives your customers’ buying decisions
  • Create powerful messages that resonate with your customers
  • Design a potent brand identity that excites your employees’ passion and focus
  • Innovate products and services that match what your customers really want
  • Develop data-based action plans for growth built on emerging trends. 

Our rock star clients are…

  • Ready to blast through barriers, rather than just fix a symptom
  • Practical – willing to use approaches that work, whether tried & true or from outside the box
  • Know the best solutions are created when all team members – and customers – contribute.

Curious about us? Tell us what barriers your business is facing. Contact us today.

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